Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Play places in Portland

Considering how many wet days we have here in the beautiful Rose City, it is essential to have places to take the kids to play inside.

I am especially fond of The Play Boutique in Lake Oswego, because you can grab a latte, read a magazine, or chat with other moms. It is the kind of place where you actually feel relaxed while little people run around and play. I am also impressed that it is so clean and they even have hand sanitizing stations!  :)

The other spot we like to go is Playdate Pdx down in the North Pearl District. This place is like an indoor amusement park, with its slides and colorful mazes. There is even a special room for the under two crowd full of sized-down structures to climb a little mini slides.  It is an absolute mad house on weekends, but if you can find a time to go on a weekday morning it is the perfect workout for all the kids and adults. Oh, and most importantly they serve Stumptown coffee (my favorite!).

Speaking of rain, I think we may just hit one of these spots tomorrow.

Payton at Playdate Pdx

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