Payton @ 1 year


My name is Courtney Laing and this is my little blog of inspiration. My intention here is to have an organized collection of helpful finds across the web, share my own life and help others get to know my city in a different light. Hopefully, you will also find something fresh and inspiring here!

I love beauty in all forms. I am constantly perusing the web and Portland for new ideas and inspirations for decor, writing and crafty projects! I love spending time with my friends and family, reading, writing, (but definitely not arithmetic!) and all things creative. I am the mom to a very busy toddler, Payton. I have an awesome and very handy husband, Andrew, (who is the best deal finder I have ever met!) . I also work from home as a social media, marketing and p.r. consultant. I mainly work for a local hair salon, but I love to do freelance projects too.


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