Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Demolition on our house is in full motion!

Wow! I just realized how long it has been since I posted. My, how the days have flown by these past two weeks...

Here is an update on our progress:

  • July 1st we took possesion of the house (Which also happened to be our 5th Wedding Anniversary!)
  • 4th of July weekend we pulled carpet, linoleum, started to strip wallpaper, sold our hot tub and gazeebo, took down some trees and limbs and large hedges.
  • The entire next week we sanded wood work, removed moss from the roof, continued to strip wallpaper, took out all light fixtures and outlet covers and upstairs bathroom got demo'd to the studs. :)
  • The next weekend was spent sanding, priming and more priming with some ceiling painting too (Who knew how much time sanding and priming wood work would take?)
Luckily for us we have the most amazing family! A special shout out goes to my Parents who have and continue to tirelessly help us during every single stage. My father even stopped by between kidney transplants to put in a few hours while he was on call last weekend! I am a lucky girl :)

Andrew finally had to go back to his real job on Monday so we have slowed down a bit, but the electricians were over today putting in a new updated electrical box, installing a light fixture over my dining room (Can you believe no one ever had a light there in 70 years?) and adding in some seriously needed 3 prong GFI's for our family room! I heart the guys at West Side Electric btw...

I also want to say that the guys at Dick's Color Center (who specialize in Benjamin Moore and Pratt and Lambert) have been awesome. I practically live there and with all of the walls, ceilings, trim, mouldings, built-ins and doors being painted I thinkIi might have to pick up a side job there...

Anyways, here are some pics. of the progress so far:

{The day we took possesion. Yes, that is Green carpet.}

{Carpet out, check. Two layers of linoeum out, check! Wallpaper gone!}

{Hardware and light fixtures removed, walls and ceilings patched, oil based primer applied!}

{Enough said.}

{Ahhhhh. Empty.}

{Just so we are clear, my husband is a genious with this paint sprayer! Seriously. And, no, we won't be putting those awful flourescent lights from the previous photo back up.}

In fact, we are going to get creative and possibly put recessed lights in to those wood panels. TBD.

Nighty, night.

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  1. Wow, looks like you're doing some major work to the house. Hope everything is going well!