Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The perfect Summer Plates!

I am so in love with the entire website from iomoi, but especially with their adorable children's plates. Their functionality reminds me of the ones I designed in elementary school that my mom still has in her pantry :). However, they are much more sophisticated and would even be cute for adults to use on the patio for Summer garden parties! My favorite of this moment would be perfect for the little ones...

{iomoi Hippo plate}

But if I were buying one for myself I am thinking it would be...

{belt frame in green)
Or perhaps this one...

{stripes pattern in navy}

p.s. Sorry for the leave of absense! My daughter was having some asthma issues and the blog had to take a back burner... I appreciate all of the email inquiries. :) Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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  1. Those are very fun!

    And I'm glad that your daughter is feeling better! :)