Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings: Vintage Portland

I am obsessed with the website Vintage Portland. I cannot stop looking through the archives to find new places that I recognize or that I never knew existed! I find it incredibly exciting to see all of the original buildings that have metamorphasized over the years. I think every city should have a website that allows its citizens such awesome access to their history! Below is an example of a building that I have spent many hours going to the Portland Opera, seeing the latest Broadway Musical, Singing along to James Taylor, or watching the magical Christmas time Nutcracker performance from the Oregon Ballet Theatre.

{Portland Municipal Auditorium 1958 Courtesy of Univ. of Oregon Libraries}

{Keller Auditorium Circa 2010 Courtesy of Wikipedia}

“Keller Auditorium, formerly known as the Portland Municipal Auditorium, the Portland Public Auditorium, and the Portland Civic Auditorium, is a performing arts center located on Clay Street in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is part of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. It first opened in 1917, [then changed names] in 1968, being renamed again in 2000 in honor of a $1.5 million renovation donation by Richard B. Keller. The Keller Auditorium is the home of many performances of the Portland Opera [and many other Fine Arts Events].” (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Hopefully, I will only visit this site occasionally rather than the hours I spent on it this weekend! :)

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