Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tidy Tuesday: The basics

Today I am needing a refresh day! I just brought down bags and labeled them: trash, recycling, donate. I really need to purge! I am amazed at how much stuff has accumulated this past month! In order to really focus in on my work goals, personal goals and creative findings for this blog I need to make a day of it...  I have been using folders and a very small board to keep my thoughts organized and it is high time I had a proper Inspiration Board of my own... SO, I scoured craigslist and I am off to purchace one very large bulletin board! :) Here are some examples of glorious Inspiration Boards that I really love.
found at Simplemom
the lovely Poppytalk

I really love this one from Poppytalk because of the neutral gray background and that elephant is so adorable! We will see what I come up with this afternoon...

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