Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings: Bring Glamour back!

My friend, Jessica, recently closed her dress boutique here in Portland and it was a very sad day for the stylish ladies of Portland. One thing that Jessica did very well was dress women in elegant clothing. I remember her saying on many occasions, "Why is it that people in Portland must always go out in their sweats and slippers?" [Enter the show Portlandia]

Life is messy but I really don't believe that Academy Awards hair should be. I usually adore Scarlett Johansen, but last night her hair was quite distracting from her beautiful dress. So weird. I mean a messy chignon on Bridgette Bardot was one thing, but a modern actress? I am dissapointed.

I suppose you could compare me to the millions of men who sit around watching football and yelling at the t.v., " Come On! You are so terrible! How could you miss that pass?"

But seriously, I try to put myself together for date night, girl's night, meetings with clients... And, I certainly don't show up at the grocery store in my slippers, or on national television with bed head!

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