Wednesday, May 18, 2011

House buying: The before process...

Everyone who has bought a house knows that the waiting period between "technically buying" through appraisal, inspection, addendum and "officially buying" is a killer. I am so ready for Friday to get here! As far as I am concerned this has been the longest 10 days since my 9th month of pregnancy!

But, I am also so excited to be buying a house with so much potential and the bones that I really love. I am actually (don't tell my husband!) looking forward to the sweat equity work that we are going to be putting into it. Well, sort of. :)

Here are some fun pictures so that you can truly get an idea of the scope of what we are getting ourselves into! Now just hope that we get the seller to agree to our addendum!

{Love the open floor plan and coved lighting in this room.}

{Can we say white cabinets!}

{Hello floral wallpaper! But I love the built ins...}

{Gorgeous 1940's windows and lots of light.}

{I actually cannot believe what good shape this original bathroom is in!}

{Yes, that is a wood panelled bar. }

{This is the only section of the house that is not on the main level. We think it was an add on for a caretaker.}

{More wood panelling and neon lighting.Yikes!}

{I love this yard!}

{The view from the family room.}

{Dining room windows to the covered porch.}

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this house! As you can see, we really have our work cut out for us... More on this soon...

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