Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Musings: Words on getting stuck in a rut...

I was talking to a colleague yesterday about how it seems that everyone's style aesthetic gets stuck in a rut after a certain time. We were remembering back to our first apartments after college and how every dining room seemed to be red, and there was a buddha in everyone's entryway. The asian style that was so popular at the end of the 90's now looks so depressing to me.

My husband and I are house hunting right now, and I am telling you I would be a very wealthy lady if I were given money every time a correctly guessed the age of the current home owner. I believe I could even tell you how long they have lived in that house.

Even my parent's house, which is lovely and decorated like an art gallery, seems to have a certain feel that comes with being in their mid-50s and having moved in when their children were almost all out of the house.

I am convinced that it is because we all get attatched to what we first find "stylish" and we get so comfortable living in that environment that we are scared to make change.

I am not saying we should all decorate our homes with trendy, cutting edge decor, but that we should continue to explore the world of design in a fresh way.

I am certainly going to try.

Here is an example of a fresh room that I covet... Hello pops of color! (Source unknown)

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